Reduce stress
Improve circulation
Create balance

Improving your well-being with reflexology

Hi, I am a certified Reflexology practitioner

I live in Skokie with my husband and three kids.

Reflexology absolutely fascinates me and I am thrilled to be doing it

I help clients in Skokie & Evanston, and throughout Chicago & suburbs

I trained at the Wellness & Massage Training Institute.

My continuing education includes workshops and studies in the Manzanares Method Of Reflexology, and earned my certificate of proficiency in May 2013

Manzanares Method Of Reflexology certificate of proficiency

About reflexology

Reflexology reduces stress, improves circulation, and creates balance by applying pressure to the feet at reflex points corresponding to every organ & system in the body

Research shows reflexology benefits include creation of relaxation, reduction in pain & enhancement of medical care

A single reflexology session creates relaxation, reduces anxiety, diminishes pain, and more

A series of reflexology sessions helps improve the body overall

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Wellness programs

With reflexology, I've helped

  • facilitate healing
  • address health concerns
  • complement cancer care
  • adjunct mental healthcare
  • ease delivery & postpartum recovery
  • post-operative recovery

I also offer reflexology in the workplace -- another opportunity to boost morale & improve wellness

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Here are a couple quotes from my clients

Thank you again for working on me yesterday. I have to say that for the first time in months the pain in my neck is gone today.... can you believe it? I keep moving my head around to double check... it's really amazing.

- Amy K

I have been looking for a reflexologist for some time now and I am thrilled to have found someone that could help me with my chronic pain and overall well being.

- Charlene

Natalie Denise Reflexology is located in Skokie IL

Natalie is a professional reflexologist member with Reflexology Association of Illinois

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